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I need everyone’s opinion.

I’m trying to decide what book I should read next and my options are Divergent or The City of Bones. Whichever one I read first, I’m going to finish the series before moving on to the next book. I’m thinking about Divergent first since there’s only two out in the series at the moment.

Which one should I read first and why?

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  1. as-winds-dance answered: If you read divergent, you’ll have to wait for the third book to come out and by then you may have forgotten everything so City of Bones.
  2. exterminatethesilence answered: Divergent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. otgotg answered: Divergent; you would finish the series faster and still have time to start the City of Bones since it’ll be long before the 3rd one comes out
  4. simperingsentimental answered: vampire academy (like you cannot even begin to imagine how great it is), lumatere chronicles (top reviewers goodeads gave it 5)! LOVE BOTH
  5. thatgirlisflawless answered: they’re both so good!! divergent first maybe because there’s only 2 but when you read CoB just push through no matter what it gets SO GOOD!!
  6. skylastar answered: I would read City of Bones first because all of them are out. I love both, but waiting a year or whatever for a book to come out is maddening
  7. daenarys3dragons answered: Divergent first. because theres only two out
  8. orwecouldnot answered: Divergent will give you so many plot twists you can’t breathe, and it’ll seriously make you think about what kind of a person you are.
  9. essentialbooks answered: Ohh I LOVE both series…. that is not helping so…. The City of Bones! Great books, upcoming movie and a GREAT, perfect prequel! Must-read
  10. mischiefwasmanaged answered: divergent!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. frostedcrystalshadow answered: DIVERGENT… Its one of the few books that I just sat down and read. In less than 10 hours
  12. thepagesage answered: Divergent is great. City of Bones is really good, too, but I’d read Divergent first
  13. dianneece answered: You should definitely read Divergent first, because although it’s a fantastic book, City of Bones will consume your entire world from page 1.
  14. mamsardroof answered: city of bones!!!! it’s fantastic!!!
  15. lifeandtimesofindigostarr answered: Divergent - It has a deeper plot while I feel that city of bones (while a great book/series) is a little more superficial
  16. freakoutandshipeverything answered: Read Divergent because there are only 2 books, and once you read mortal instruments you’ll probably want to read its sister series as well.
  17. littlebitofbrit answered: divergent!!!!
  18. literally-just-me answered: divergent. because it’s fucking divergent
  19. brat-squad answered: I’m reading City of Bones right now! So it’s like having a reading buddy/book club
  20. ladyannacrawley answered: i didn’t like divergent at all, but that is just my opinion. it was a boring rip off of hunger games
  21. readingsyd answered: They are both really good but I have to say City of Bones. I loved Cassandra Clare style of writing and her humor.
  22. toboldlyfuckingo answered: Divergent would be easier to do, but I really did not enjoy them as much as I did TMI.
  23. darklordsfavorite answered: Both are AMAZING books! I loved both so much, read city of bones first!. Or do what ever, hey you won’t be making a mistake no matter what
  24. tls-doomed-delights answered: You really can’t go wrong. I’d also suggest the Infernal Devices Series by Cassandra Clare as well (Beginning with “Clockwork Angel”).
  25. heyyyitssarah answered: City of Bones!!!!
  26. batsby answered: I haven’t read TCOB, but Divergent and Insurgent were amazing! And very quick reads. So I would go with those.
  27. thingsdaisays answered: Divergent because you’ll be able to finish the 2 books faster, love the story and then move on to TMI and take your time falling in love.
  28. howdoioperateher answered: Length wise, Divergent. However, I’ve only read City of Bones/Mortal Instruments series so I biased suggest that.
  29. wwaw answered: Divergent! It has less books!
  30. ablackwhole answered: I’ve read both, and I agree with you, start with Divergent, City of Bones is a 7 book time commitment. Both are just amazing. Happy reading
  31. cityofcurlicues answered: Divergent. Like you said, it only has two books as of right now, so you’ll finish faster and move onto the next series :)
  32. alwaysheretome answered: Divergant, it’s so good! :)
  33. thatcozybooknook answered: city of bones is great, but since there are a few of them, I’d suggest starting with divergent :)
  34. lokiscurls answered: Divergent, I liked it a lot better than City of Bones
  35. teenangstandbooks answered: Divergent. As you mentioned, there’s only two books out and it would be quicker to finish.
  36. thosedarndursleys answered: I think you should read Divergent =]
  37. she-rlocked answered: City Of Bones…Divergent is good but is very slow in the beginning. And Insurgent was a HUGE disappointment imho. to be continued…
  38. kaliaia answered: Divergent! Its on my shelf too to read! I feel like City of bones im too far behind to catch up haha!
  39. soph-pc answered: City of Bones … because they are already filming n_n
  40. somelittlearcticflower answered: I would read Divergent. But I don’t know, I haven’t read any of those books.
  41. owleyesreviews answered: DIVERGENT!!! Go read it like NOW! :)
  42. lovedeeperthanthat answered: Divergent!
  43. shehasnoproblemwithsecrets answered: I haven’t read either but I say Divergent that way when you wait for another book you have something else to read! :)
  44. peppermintdreamer answered: Divergent
  45. twelvethdoctor answered: Divergent because like you said it’s only 2 books and you’ll move on faster
  46. hislovelysummergirl answered: I loved City of Bones more! Plus the movie is coming out next August and just started filming, so you could see all the movie news :)
  47. muevelow answered: So, go for Divergent =]
  48. loveableandliberated answered: Divergent. I personally haven’t read City of Bones yet, but it’s on my Kindle. You’ll love Divergent though.
  49. tisha-an answered: divergent! the third book of city of bones was kinda dragging… for me ;) enjoy reading!