Anonymous said:
Noooo! You NEVER dog ear or mark a book!! :(

I have noticed that this is a very debatable topic! 

Some people think it’s a way to show a book love and to help remember the parts you love. Some people think it’s a way of “defacing” the book and showing a bit of disrespect.

I want to take a poll on this! Send me a message stating, VERY CLEARLY, whether or not you think dog-earing or writing in a book is showing love or disrespect for that book! Click [here] to be taken to the ask box.

I’ll post the results tomorrow night around 10 PM CST, that way as many as possible have the chance to send in their vote!

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  2. possibilitiesofsainthood said: Lol great way to let people vent about this subject ^^
  3. fantasybeforereality said: Dog earring- okay unless the book I fragile, signed by author, or über special! Writing in book- not at all okay! Ever!!!
  4. littlehoneyybee said: ALL of my harry potter and eragon books are dog eared. but I also have books that aren’t.
  5. pocketbeastie said: Umm personally I think people can do whatever they want with their books… I personally use booksmarks, but if a person decides to dog-ear them, that is their business.
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